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Now the work is up and running!

Now the work is up and running!

Todays update from Project Vita in Linga Linga, Mozambique:

"Something that is very important for us when we do development projects is that we work with people in the area we are implementing the projects. Alexander started with a small business were he used to sell just sticks and today he has his own shop in front of the hospital selling a bit of everything. He is the one that will help us with transportation of the material needed during this project. Today he has transported 50 bags of cement that will be used to make cement bricks for the foundation and walls for the nurses houses."                              

” Pasqual has during the years been making our cement bricks for our projects and also been working as a helper at our projects. He will make cement bricks with all the 50 bags of cement that Alexander have brought to the clinic. It will be around 2000 cement bricks that will be made. He always has a smile on his face and a high working spirit. All the knowledge and workforce for a project can be found in the community and that is very important in sustainable development.”

We are happy that you are following this exciting journey here in the blog. More updates will come, so stay tuned.

With lots of love Ten Points

@tenpointsfootwear @projectvita

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