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Our first "Zero waste" product

Our first "Zero waste" product

Today we launched out first Zero Waste product - Pandora ZeroWaste.

When we first started up this Zero Waste project the goal was to come as close as we could to zero waste, this is why we named the style Pandora ZeroWaste.
During the production process there is normally a lot of materials that goes to waste due to imperfections of the leathers such as bite marks from mosquitos, stretch marks, wrinkles and scars from wounds.
With Pandora ZeroWaste we have used the leftovers from hides from previous productions and used all the parts. This is why each pair is a mix of colours. On these boots you will find wrinkles and other imperfections, but this is the beauty of the boost and what makes each pair unique. 

Every pair also have a unique colour combination. The picture you see is just a referens of one colour combination, but they are all just as lovely of course.

For every pair we sell we give 15 Euro to our beloved charity project "Project Vita". So by purchasing these boots you contribute to there work in Linga Linga.
Please read more about the project here in our blog.

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