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Project Vita

Project Vita

This is Project Vita

Project Vita's primary focus is improving the daily lives of the rural poor in Moçambique

Project Vita is a different kind of nonprofit - focused on empowering communities to improve their own lives, not doing it for them. By equipping people with the skills and knowledge to become self-sufficient, they can break the vicious cycle of generational poverty and improve communities for generations to come.

They focus on connecting professionals from the West with those in the developing world to share their knowledge to affect change. They believe that building this foundational knowledge is the only way to create permanent solutions. 

The most important of implementing solutions are that they have long-term impact. Which they have because Project Vita focuses on prioritizing sustainability out of a societal aspect, but still with consideration to both environment and economy.

Project Vita have found innovative solutions to complex problems by working with their local partners. They spend their resources on smaller, viable, and environmentally sustainable solutions. By, for example:

-Directly hiring local workers, which provides them with income

“There is true dignity in hard work, and when our volunteers complete the project, they have the pride of knowing it was their labor that built their community, not the charity of others”

-Using only locally available materials to ensure local communities can duplicate their results.

“Since they are involved at every step, from planning to execution, they understand the process and replicate the results”

Project Vita are involved in several different projects to improve housing, access to medicine, and finding alternative sources of power and cooking fuel, for example: 

  • They built a maternity clinic in Linga Linga, Mozambique, to help combat the high infant mortality rate in the village.


  • They have worked with Swedish engineers to develop a process to turn household waste into environmentally sustainable fuel for cooking.
  • They installed solar energy at the clinic in Linga Linga together with students from Sweden.

Please read more about volunteering, donating and this fantastic non-profit work and organisation at https://projectvita.org/

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