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Shoe Care

Taking good care of your shoes isn't just about prolonging their life; it's about maximizing your investment in style and comfort. Our team is here to guide you with a four-step care routine that's both simple and transformative. Regular maintenance is key, but we'll also share a few insider tips from our long experience. 

For example, did you know that letting your shoes rest for a day or two between wears can significantly extend their lifespan from months to years? Allowing them time to dry properly means they can accompany you on many more adventures.

And when you have a new pair of shoes, always make sure to treat them with an impregnation product before the first use. We recommend the Eco Proofer, this will protect the shoes from rain and dirt.

Friendly note: All the products we mention are tested, trusted, and recommended by our team. You can find them all in our webshop. Feel free to use whatever brand and product you prefer, but please make sure they are suitable for the material. Please review the instructions before use to ensure proper handling.

Let´s begin! 

Step 1: Clean

Begin by cleaning your shoes from any dirt or debris using a brush, cloth, or a gentle, eco-friendly cleaning cream. We suggest the 'Foam Cleaner Eco-friendly' for an effective yet tender clean.

Step 2: Nourish

Next, it's time to pamper the leather with the right nourishment. Choose a suitable nourishing product based on your shoes upper material to maintain its quality. For vegetable-tanned leather, 'Delicate Leather' is our go-to. For metal-free or brushed leathers, 'Shoe Cream Eco-friendly Black' keeps black leathers vibrant, while the 'Neutral' version revives all other hues. Suede or nubuck? 'Colour Restore Black' for black shades and 'Neutral' for everything else ensures they remain lush.

Step 3: Protect

Post-polishing, shield your shoes from rain and dirt. 'Eco Proofer', our recommended water-based spray, offers an easy application and robust protection for all types of footwear and materials.

Step 4: Refresh

Finally, don't forget the inside. A spritz of 'Shoe Deo Eco Friendly' inside your shoes will neutralize odors and keep them fresh. Use regularly to prevent odor before it begins.

Following these four steps will not only extend the life of your shoes but also ensure they maintain their aesthetic appeal, contributing to your overall sustainable lifestyle.